Medley Gala 2016



Organic Farm Updates

Winter crops are nearing harvest.


Warning for Obscenity!

I am posting this warning for the one who posted anonymously an obscene comment. It doesnt matter to me much but please this blog is about respectable teachers and some very respectable students of mine. Feel free to share them else where.Now the second most important thing is that anonymity is traceable. Rest you are pretty wise and must be waiting for me to post this.

Celebrating 10k reach

 Dear Visitors, Teachers and Students!
As I had promised, there would be a free blog giveaway once the blog reaches 10k visitors. So The milestone has been accomplished, Al hum-dulillah. I know a lot more has to be done to support Geography and History teachers, I am working on how to make it more fun to learn. So thank you to all who have visited, commented, encouraged me to work on the blog. I am humbled. Will announce giveaway in coming week, until then keep visiting the blog and this page.


Making Informative Brochures about National Forest Parks of Pakistan IXC 2014 (Brochures will be posted next week)

Important Link for Weathering and Erosion



Morning Assembly Class VIII Child Labour


Geography Projects in Progress VIII Tulip



Expecting a superb opportunity of cross city integration. Will be posting more in future.  I am excited.


Environment Week October 2013 Posters